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tips for solid surface care

Unlike many surfaces, HI-MACS Solid Surface is nonporous, which means it doesn't have crevices or surface irregularities where harmful bacteria and mold can grow. HI-MACS Eden Plus Surfaces are made from up to 35% certified pre-consumer recycled material, making them one of the most environmentally conscious acrylic surfaces available. For more tips, check out

Solid Surface Countertops

Easy To Clean

-- Some surfaces require special solvents and cleaner to maintain their luster and integrity — not HI-MACS.

-- Simple mild soap and water applied to a damp cloth is all you need to keep your HI-MACS surface looking great.

Low Maintenance

-- Your HI-MACS Solid Surface requires nothing beyond normal cleaning with soap and water to ensure that it retains its superior beauty and functionality for many years to come.

Scratch Resistant

-- Because of its superior durability, HI-MACS stands up to most light scratches. Should you accidentally inflict a deeper scratch or surface impression, a trained professional can easily resurface your HI-MACS thanks to its sealant-free consistency.

Stain Resistant

-- HI-MACS was designed to endure and shine in the face of virtually all common daily wear, including some of the most relentless stains.

Heat Resistant

-- HI-MACS withstands temperatures up to an impressive 225 degrees Fahrenheit.

-- Daily use will not cause any burning or scorching, however, it should be noted that prolonged exposure to extreme heat could cause discoloration.


-- Many surfaces require a regular reapplication of sealants and/or waxes to keep natural pits and cracks filled and to maintain hygienic properties.

-- HI-MACS is nonporous, and requires nothing other than light cleaning with soap and water to maintain its brilliance and anti-microbial smoothness.

Affordable Luxury

-- HI-MACS exudes an undeniable sense of quality, one that is further enhanced by the product's unlimited thermo-formability and enormous range of color options.

-- HI-MACS delivers this level of superiority and beauty with a price tag that won't break your budget.

Color Options

-- HI-MACS offers you an incredible array of unique possibilities with a dazzling palette of 110 colors and finishes, plus our exclusive color-matching technology.

15-year Transferable Warranty

-- We fully stand behind our HI-MACS Solid Surface, which is why we proudly offer a 15-year fully transferrable warranty.

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