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Quartz is sold in a slab format, much like granite and marble; however, the benefits of using a quartz countertop far exceed any benefits you’ll get from other materials. Quartz outperforms the competition in numerous ways, all of which benefit you, no matter what color you choose or where you have it installed.


Quartz countertops are made from roughly 90% quartz, and this benefits you in two ways. First, quartz is non-porous which makes it stain resistant. This means that as long as liquids are wiped away soon after a spill, there shouldn’t be any concern. Natural stones like granite, which are porous, will absorb liquids and moisture. Over time, a kitchen countertop may absorb oils, wine, juice, and other substances that will be difficult to remove. This is because the pores let the substance in below the surface where it can’t be wiped away. The second benefit of the non-porous nature of this countertop is the fact that it won’t require sealing. To help prevent stains in other materials, it needs to be sealed periodically. This is time consuming and if left undone, can harm the material. Quartz doesn’t require sealing, so it takes less work to have in the home.


In addition to being non porous, quartz countertops are also low maintenance. Any spills can be quickly wiped up, so no scrubbing, poultices, or special cleansers are required. In fact, while stone needs very special cleansers to avoid things like etching - the removal of surface particles from the stone - quartz can be cleaned with your basic household cleansers, or with soap and water. It is scratch and stain resistant, so you’ll think about it and its maintenance a lot less.


 Kitchens are busy places, so you need a countertop that can hold up to anything. Quartz is incredibly strong and durable. You can use your quartz countertop for all your kitchen needs, without worrying that you’ll be damaging it in some way. Quartz is also heat resistant. This allows you to relax more and really use your countertop, rather than worrying constantly about caring for it.


 One of the biggest benefits you’re going to receive from a quartz countertop is the many stylish choices available. Quartz comes in an incredibly wide range of colors and patterns. It can mimic the look of marble, granite, or concrete, and it comes in colors that may be unobtainable in other materials such as bright blue. Each quartz countertop is made to order. This means that if you have odd angles, curves, want a waterfall edge, or any other unique situation, quartz can be shaped to match. You also get choices in the finish, with many colors coming in polished and leather surface textures. This allows you to customize the look of your quartz countertop more exactly to your home. Whether you want the traditional look of polished marble or the industrial appearance of leathered concrete, quartz can match. And since quartz is much more durable and lower in maintenance than these other materials, you come out ahead each time.


 If you take a close look at a slab of granite or marble, you’ll notice many small naturally occurring imperfections. Pits, fissures, cracks, and color streaks are present in nearly every type of stone. Some may be small, some may start small and grow over time, and others are noticeable right from the beginning. Quartz countertops are made with precision, using controlled quantities of materials, as well as quality control and care which minimizes the occurrence of pits, fissures, and other imperfections that so often show up in stone countertops.


 If you’re considering a new countertop for your kitchen, bathroom, or any other area, make sure to look at quartz. Quartz countertops are attractive, durable, low maintenance, and incredibly versatile. You’ll have no trouble finding one that fits in well with your aesthetic and your lifestyle. Take a look at quartz countertops today to get these many benefits for yourself.

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